cbanc Acquires Bankerstuff


cbanc Network, a collaboration community of 9,30-plus bank and credit union users, has acquired Bankerstuff, a webinar company with a proven track record for producing quality online education covering the financial industry’s most pressing issues. Bankerstuff’s archived and ongoing inventory of online webinars is immediately available for purchase by cbanc’s community of banking professionals. Bankerstuff’s 7,000-plus customers will receive incentive for joining cbanc’s collaboration community. Bankerstuff will gain access to new resources to expand the scope of webinars offered, and gain visibility to key industry trends and content from inside cbanc to deliver a new level of value to the combined set of webinar customers.

cbanc President Myers Dupuy said that a survey of cbanc members showed a strong propensity for its community to try a new webinar offering: 88 percent of respondents are “somewhat” or “highly” likely to buy webinars from cbanc, where those users already spend time collaborating with their peers to solve industry issues.

“There are plenty of webinars being offered on any given topic across the industry today,” Dupuy said. “Scarcity isn’t the problem. The value add we bring to our community by folding Bankerstuff in is we can put a specific webinar offering in front of a user at the exact moment they are trying to solve that problem inside of cbanc. On top of that, we will enhance the content in the webinar by infusing it with real peer content from our community, so a banking professional can get both an expert’s opinion, as well as tried and true best practices from someone in the trenches.”

Former Bankerstuff CEO Erin Handel said joining forces with cbanc gives the website two new important tools to ensure it is providing users with the best possible webinars. First, Bankerstuff now has access to more resources and staff to deliver a broader scope of webinars, topics, and speakers. Second, Bankerstuff now has access to behind-the-scenes financial data from the cbanc community. Handel joins cbanc as the managing director of education.

“Data from more than 9,300 collaborating financial professionals reflect real-time trends of today’s hottest issues, and most importantly, the specific solutions that peers are implementing to solve problems,” Handel said. “We’ll use this data to deliver timely and relevant webinars that keep our users informed, and they can access cbanc to find a concentrated set of banker-authored content to help them develop their own solutions.”

All webinars will be provided externally through the Bankerstuff website for the foreseeable future, as cbanc users will begin to see webinar offerings this month. The webinars will be visible in the Daily Digest, cbanc Network ads, and optional education emails. Eventually, they will see a fully interactive webinar store inside of cbanc.

“We are very excited about the Bankerstuff webinar service because it directly aligns with our mission to make the industry’s banking knowledge readily available to our customers,” Dupuy said. “This integration will offer more people access to the industry’s best collaboration portal, and will help provide enriched webinar content to help banking professionals perform better in their jobs.”

cbanc President Myers Dupuy

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